The Panama Deception (1992)

The (untold) story about the U.S. invasion of Panama


A few years ago I met this guy from Panama (City). Eventually we became good friends and one day, while just sitting around, he began to tell me this story: – You know, I had to serve the army in Panama. I and practically all my friends were in the same casern, we were all of the same age, you know. Friends with whom I grew up, from the same neighbourhood, with whom I went to school. It was 1989. And then I left the service. Few weeks later they bombed the casern! Everyone dead! Can you imagine that, to loose all of your lifetime friends in just one day? – and he began to cry. I wasn’t aware of the reason of the bombing he was talking about, so I had to ask – But who bombed the caserns?  – The gringos! – he answered – When they invaded our country…

And why?  Well, I think a good part of the answer is   this documentary: ” The Panama Deception” by Barbara Trent and David Kasper. It does not only describe the reasons for the US invasion, but also the way they have carried it out. Although the movie was made in 1992, three years after the invasion,  almost everything shown and told in this movie seems to me like a “Dejá vu” – I just have to think about Iraq, the excuses by the the Bush Administration (father and son) to invade a country, and so on and so forth…

This is a sixteen years old movie that could have been filmed yesterday: its contents is more actual than ever.

This post is dedicated to my Panamanian friend: Cheers from the other side of the Atlantic.

Watch online here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Listen to an audio program of “Democracy Now”  which includes the commented soundtrack of the documentary (audio track can also be directly downloaded here and the respective film here [295MB]):

Downloads: torrent [1.37GB], torrent (Spanish) [580MB], direct download [272MB]

Infos: IMDb; The movie @


3 Responses to “The Panama Deception (1992)”

  1. This is a touchy subject for some in Panama. I have to admit I’ve never seen the movie but it looks well worth a viewing. There are apparent parallels between Iraq and Panama but it’s nothing new. I think all empires, including the US have used such tactics before. Their really is another world of cloak and daggers existing simultaneously right underneath most peoples noses, and they’ll never even know it or believe it.

  2. I think you are so right!

  3. An excellent, and dare I say unbiased account of Operation Just Cause. The best and most complete documentary I’ve ever seen on the subject. There are indeed numerous similarities with Iraq

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