The Dignity of the Nobodies (2005)

La dignidad de los nadies

” It’s hard to make a passionate film about average Joes that can cause viewers’ pulses to race, but Fernando E. Solanas‘ exhilarating docu “The Dignity of the Nobodies” proves it can be done. Designed as the second in a four film series after Solanas’ 2004 “A Social Genocide,” which analyzed the policies of power and the role globalization and neo-liberalism played in Argentina’s economic disaster, “Dignity” is more anecdotal, celebrating individual and collective actions that show how a seemingly immoveable reality can be changed. Its narrative and human appeal should make it marginally more marketable than its predecessor.” (text taken from here)

The following online version of the documentary is the original Spanish one without subtitles. You can download the film with English subtitles using the links below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Download the documentary (Spanish spoken with English subtitles) [842MB]

“The Dignity of the Nobodies” @ IMDb

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