Darwin’s Nightmare (2004)

Or: What does the consumption of African fish in Europe has to do with the weapons industry?

While food is shipped out of Africa to be sold in European (and other World) markets, local populations in several regions of the African continent are starving to death and millions are invested constantly by the UN in humanitarian aids.  Tanzania does not escape from this reality. “Darwin’s Nightmare” shows the living conditions of the population at Tanzania’s Lake Victoria. The introduction of a predatory fish in Lake Victoria by mistake – which has wiped out the native species – has given rise to a new fishing industry, delivering tonnes and tonnes of fish fillets to Europe,  while starving Tanzanian families have to make do with the leftovers.  While food is flown out of Africa into Europe by gigantic cargo planes, weapons are transported from Europe to Africa by the exactly the same airplanes.

The following online version has Spanish subtitles. Download the documentary with English or French subtitles using the links below.

Watch online here:

“Darwin’s Nightmare” part 1/2

Vodpod videos no longer available.
“Darwin’s Nightmare” part 2/2 Vodpod videos no longer available.

Watch online: DivXVine, GoogleVideo

Download: rapidshare 1, rapidshare 3, rapidshare 2 (DVD, 4.5GB German & English, PWD: lawbraker), torrent 1 (English and Russian spoken, French subtitles)[700MB], torrent 2 (subtitles included) [1.37Gb] (additional English subtitles here)

Info: IMDB, Wikipedia, the official homepage

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9 Responses to “Darwin’s Nightmare (2004)”

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  2. English subtitles for this? The link doesn’t work I think.

    • Hi!

      Oh, I see the page I’m linking to is indeed broken. I#ll search for some alternative when I have time, OK? In the meantime try to search through Google!

      Cheers & enjoy the movie!!!!

  3. Thanks CD. I only found French & Dutch subtitles for this.

    But this piece is amazing even without English subs, it has been haunting me for days. Should be required viewing for everyone in Europe & America.

    Great site btw!

    • Hi! So, I found a DVD Version online, which should be spoken in English (see link ‘rapidshare 3’). At least ir should contain subtitles in English.
      Also ‘rapidshare 2’ is new, but I still do not know in which language it is….


      • Hey thanks! I just snatched ‘rapidshare 3’ and it is subtitled in English.

        What a powerful film. I wish your screening series was in my neighbourhood. In every neighbourhood!

  4. Hi!

    I do show critical documentaries in my neighborhood on a weekly basis. This blog is in some way the result of this initiative, since the docs I list here are practically the same ones I show.

    ‘Darwins Nightmare’ was one of them. The perverse part of the whole story, is that we do indeed find fish from the Victoria lake in our European supermarkets. So our viewers were extremely moved with the movie, since suddenly the story told was not happening somewhere far away from Europe, but we were taking apart in it – by buying this Victoria fish in the supermarkets.

    I think it had a very strong effect on our viewers. Many of them understood for the first time how our consuming habits are strongly related with the miserable live reality of so many abroad.

    Download the movie, burned it and share it with your friends. That’s my goal with this blog!

    I’m happy that you find this blog useful.


    PS: I will still try to find an English version of the movie!

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