The Devil Came On Horseback (2007)

Darfur: a new Ruanda?

The Devil Came On Horseback” is the story of Brian Steidle, a former U.S. marine, which, in the year 2004,  became a monitor with the African Union in Darfur, Sudan. There he was witness of the genocide carried out by the Sudanese military and the Janjaweed militia on the people of Darfur. This documentary is therefore – and over all – the story of the people of Darfur and their struggle for survival. But it is also the story of a fight being carried out to a bring an end to the Darfur conflict.

Although Brian had a major influence in the revelation of the reality of the Darfur conflict, my personal opinion is that the film focusses too much on him, rather than on the subject itself. Nevertheless, it is a very informative documentary I recommend everyone interested in the Darfur conflict to watch.

NOTE: The documentary contains shocking images!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Download the documentary here [697Mb] or here [1.46Gb]

“The Devil Came On Horseback” @ IMDb

“The Devil Came On Horseback” @ Wikipedia

The official homepage

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