Darfur Now (2007)

“Darfur Now” is a documentary which tells the story of six persons involved  in one way or another in the Darfur conflict: the activist student Adam Sterling and actor Don Cheadle, the UN leader for the World Food Program in Darfur Pablo Recalde, the International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo and the Darfurians Hejewa Adam and Sheikh Ahmed Mohamad Abakar, each of whom have been personally affected by the Janjaweed attacks. The movie does not go into details about the conflict, it rather focusses on the different means this different persons make use of to achieve peace and justice in Darfur.

What Darfur Now offers is a collective vision of actions, small and large, taken on many fronts, to end the crisis. The movie is a quiet, methodical call to action.

The New York Times

Download the documentary via torrent [698MB]. (About .torrent)

“Darfur Now” @ IMDb

“Darfur Now” @ Wikipedia

Official web site and relatited sites: here, here and here.

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