The Trap (2007)

What Happened to Our Dreams of Freedom

What Happened to Our Dreams of Freedom? – In his three part documentary series Adam Curtis tries to answer this question by asking another question – What happened to our concept of freedom? – The answer to this question begins with the cold war…

The documentary is composed by three parts:

Episode 1: F**k You Buddy

Episode 2: The Lonely Robot,

Episode 3: We Will Force You to Be Free.

Watch online: @ Vodpod: episode 1, episode 2, episode 3; @ Google Video: episode 1, episode 2, episode 3.


Rapidshare: episode 1,episode 2, episode 3 (note: you’ll need 7-zip to join the files, instructions here), all 3 episodes (Password:

Torrent: episode 1episode 2, episode 3.

Info: IMDb, Wikipedia

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6 Responses to “The Trap (2007)”

  1. Hello,
    thanx for your efforts ;)
    I just dld episode1 from rapidshare, I got files with an .00x extension, how do i reassemble those files please?


    • CriticalDocs Says:

      Hello! Do you mean .00x, where x is a number from 1 to 7? Well, if I remeber well, I just used WINRAR to unzip the files. Normally the first files has the extension .rar, but not necessarily. In this case it was just named .001. Just try it, if it does not work, we’ll think about something else.

      Critical Docs

      PS: I’m pleased that you’re making use of my site. Spread the word ;-)

      • Yes, 00x, where x is a number from 1 to 7.
        There aren’t any ‘.rar’ files.
        I tried something different:
        I renamed the file ‘’ into ‘’ and the thing works. It’s not a compressed file, only a movie, that means you’ve cut the movie into parts. In odrer to watch the whole movie as one file without interruption it is now nessessary to re-assemble the parts, but how?


      • CriticalDocs Says:

        Hi Denis!
        I’m very sorry for the trouble. I have now added the explanation how to join the files. You’ll need the program 7-zip. Have a look at the post, where the explanation can now be found.

        Since the files were not uploaded by me, I just forgot to add the (important) detail about how to recreate the file again.

        I hope it works now. Please give me a last feedback, OK?

  2. Hi CD,
    thanx very much, it worked with 7-zip (phew!)

    Thanx a lot for your upload and your extensive help!



    • CriticalDocs Says:

      Hi! Nice!

      Just a remark: as strange it may sound, I do not upload anything. I just have the work to find some hidden (or not so hidden) files in the internet and create the links to them on my blog.

      In this sense, it is me who has to thank everyone engaged in uploading good documentary material to internet.


      PS: Ok, I did upload one documentary once, :-)

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