Deadly Dust – Todesstaub (2004)

The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children

poster- deadlydust4. April 1949! The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established . During 60 years the main objective of this organization was to “safeguard freedom and security of its member countries by political and military means”, always following “values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and the peaceful resolution of disputes” [find these words here]. What many do not know, is that the weapons used in the wars carried out here and there during this last decade contain  a radioactive material, the so called depleted Uranium (DU). The consequences of the use of DU weapons in arms conflicts are disastrous. In the documentary “Deadly Dust” (which by the way was practically censored in Germany, although produced initially for the German TV)  the filmmakers Freider Wagner and and Valentin Thurn show the horrendous reality of the persons and the regions contaminated with DU. Dr. Siegwart-Horst Gunther, a former colleague of Albert Schweitzer, and Tedd Weyman of the Uranium Medical Research Center (UMRC) traveled to Iraq and Yugoslavia, from Germany and Canada respectively, to assess uranium contamination.  The stories they tell show that the NATO have been committing serious war crimes!

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19 Responses to “Deadly Dust – Todesstaub (2004)”

  1. Both of these films are built around a very successful propaganda campaign by Saddam Hussein in 1992. The Doctor made no independent inquiry and had no knowledge of the diseases that he saw or of any direct connection to uranium (because there was none) to the grotesque cases he was shown. Deadly Dust is equally built upon lies. One of the principals falsely claims that the A-10 tank killer aircraft leaves a trail of “deadly dust” through the sky from the airplane to the ground. She ignores the fact that the 30mm kinetic energy penetrator round has the DU completely covered in a thin layer of aluminum and that large numbers of intact shrouds have been recovered in the Balkans (see page 23 of the UNEP report on Bosnia-Herzegovina at )


  2. Hello Roger! Thank you for your contribution.

    Just one question: if the cases of cancer and malformed children are not related with the alpha-radiation of DU, are you aware of other explanations for this?


  3. I love it where people claim to know who I am based on lies – I am a tireless researcher and totally opposed to con artists and propagandists. The only time I ever was in the Pentagon in 1978, I was a tourist. So the coward who calls themselves The Informer is merely capable of Googling only that which agrees with his preconceived notion of anyone who dares post that the anti-depleted uranium crusade is all lies. Far as Critical Doc, I really don’t know – what I do know is that they have nothing to do with DU and they purely were picked for propaganda purposes. Uranium and its effects on people has been studied for over a 100 years – none of these things ever has been associated with uranium. Most of them have other causes; but you have made such a broad comment that no real detailed reply is possible. My expertise is on specific liars such as Douglas Lind Rokke, Leuren Moret and I am currently researching Asaf Durakovic in greater depth. Why don’t you and The Informer have the guts to just write me directlyinstead of playing the pack of dogs approach? This e-mail address works –

    • To Roger Helbig:
      If people like Douglas Lind Rokke, Leuren Moret are liars and their theories are not based on scientific proof, why do you care so much ??? I mean the real problem here is the scientific proof, isn´t it ??? You call them liars, well can you disproof what they are claiming ?? Sure you can´t, and why not ?? Because you are no scientist. That`s a fact. So the only thing we got here is your word against theirs. And the way things look I believe that they have more credibility than you have. You claim that there are studies that show that uranium is save. Well, in what context. To make such a bold claim you have to say exactly in which context this was proven. What kind of studies where these, what kind of uranium was taken, what kind of test subjects were used…… I honestly think that there is no such study about uranium which will serve you as a solid base to substantiate your thesis. In my opinion this looks like somebody is desperately trying to hide something that the public shouldn`t know. Like always !! But at the end the truth will come to the surface, it always does !!

  4. Helwig is a nutcase and a bully. Here’s the email he sent me threatening to get shut down (yeah, right)

    On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 10:34 PM, Roger Helbig wrote:

    “In case XXXX no longer reads her mail – if you don’t either, then I am going to find your host and get this site taken down – I have no tolerance for lies or liars and you have embraced them.”

    This guy is petrified with fear to see anything negative about DU…to the extent that he threatens webmasters with email like that reproduced above.

    • The site is full of false information and appeared abandoned so I was not sure my e-mail would reach anyone. It still is full of lies but the owner is clearly not educable and prefers to remain ignorant. Maybe some of those of you who read this are not the same. If you want to learn, go visit – you can watch dinner being eaten off a DU-glazed bright orange popular Art Deco Fiesta Ware plate and learn about uranium as well; you can also explore where some of those awful photos come from. Some appear to come from over 90 year old specimen jars from a Czarist era Russian museum. None of them has a connection to DU –

  5. I actually spoke with Rokke last year and he told me that Helbig is very much a Pentagon bully. I’m NZ based and H. found me within 48 hours after I published info on DU. I put him in my spam filter.

    Good site by the way

  6. Travellerev,

    Nothing like liar talking to believer – so, what, Rokke can call me anything he wants; he is not man enough to enter a courtroom and do it because he knows he has no proof. Rokke hates me because I told him to grow up and behave like a man. He is 60 years old. That’s too old to behave like a spoiled two year old who doesn’t get his way. When Rokke smeared me in 2004, I did not go away as planned; I decided to background Rokke like any good investigative reporter should have done. I found that Rokke lied about practically everything. Rokke never heard about DU before he went to Saudi Arabia with the 12th Medical Group (Preventative Medicine) from Beloit, Wisconsin and later was attached to the group from Rock Island Arsenal that was assessing depleted uranium contamination from tank fires and from friendly fire incidents. Rokke’s main claim to fame in the Gulf was to treat a Brigade Commander Colonel with BandAids and SteriStrips after the Colonel had cut himself climbing up on a burning tank. This was in April 1991. The war was in February so this treatment was not wartime treatment of wounded GIs. The tank caught fire being towed back from Iraq. I am going to put the web pages from the Gulf Link that describe what Rokke actually did versus what Rokke claims to have done in the Archive. I have already posted the letter I got from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory about Leuren Moret and Marion Fulk’s employment at the lab to this location – — similar postings will be made about Rokke in the next few weeks. The documents are already available to the public in the Files Section of the Yahoo Group DUStory. When all the experts had gone home, the Army made Rokke a Theater Health Physicist (he did have a BS in Physics so he was more qualified than anyone else, but note the term “theater” – that means that the title is only good out in the field and not recognized at home – if it were, Rokke would have had a career as a well paid health physicist instead of as being a substitute teacher in the Urbana, Illinois public schools. Rokke claimed to be a University of Illinois retiree and many of his adherents like the poster who “talked” with him have claimed Professor Rokke taught at the university – so I FOIAed his personnel records and found out that Rokke was a Physical Science Technical Assistant, a job that requires a high school diploma and pays accordingly. His research participation was limited to taking routine measurements and keeping the laboratory equipment in working order. Another Rokke claim down the drain. Look forward to your coming to the Archive and learning more.

    PS – Travellerev, go read a science book or two or visit your local college or community college and learn about radiation and uranium – you really could use some education!

  7. Travellerev,

    Google Alerts are very effective if you word the key words right. They are world wide in scope. I am glad that you prefer to remain ignorant. You never would ever want to admit that you might learn something, you clearly already know it all. Why would a know it all hide their name; shouldn’t people know who is making the claim and then make a decision about who that person is and why you should or should not believe them? No, I guess that is not allowed in the “free speech” world that you espouse – your version of “free speech” is “I get to say anything without being responsible for what I say” and “you get to say nothing”. That’s what hiding behind the spam filter means.

    • you’re stink Helbig. A big alcoholic sad case of stink. I’ve seen the way you bully and manipulate. You don’t scare me or Felicity Arebutnot or Doug Rokke or all those wonderful, courageous and honest people you try to revile. You are so truly stink. Sad, sad alcoholic piece of stink. Crawl back to your masters and cuddle up to them and drink some more.

  8. Oh, and talk about hiding, you miserable drunken puppet for the pentagon. You don’t even have the balls to put your face up there for all to see. Come on big balls show us your face.

  9. Travellerev,

    Why don’t you get the balls to put down the address for service of process and you can defend your slander in court. I finally saw this video and it sucks. It is full of inaccuracies from the very beginning through the end. I do not work for anyone – I am no one’s puppet. Before I got involved in exposing Rokke and his fellow liars like Asaf Durakovic who is major player in this video, I was a world renowned whistle blower with a passion for truth no matter what the consequences. What have you got, just a passion to slam others and lie about them? Let’s just take this to court and you can see if your lies carry the day – I expect that you will leave with a much thinner wallet.

    • > I finally saw this video and it sucks.

      What??!?!???!??! You were arguing against the film all this time without ever having seen it?!?!? How ridiculous….

      Do please continue with your ‘contra’ argumentation.


  10. Evangelical Uraniumgenocide: Made in U.S.A.
    1. Evangelical President: George W. Bush!
    2. Trijicons Snipers with Bibleverses!
    3. 2.000.000 Tons Depleted Uranium in Iraq, Jugoslavia, Afghan.war!
    4. 600 gr. Depleted Uranium on Hiroshima!
    5. U.S. Depleted Uraniums HOLOCAUST of 5.000 C.

    Atheist 100%

    • Metal – there is no DU connection to Hiroshima whatsoever. What there is, though, is a U-238 connection to every single person reading this the whole world over and every generation of human being on or that ever was on this planet. Yes, Metal, etc. you too inhale, ingest and drink in a tiny fraction of a microgram of Uranium (dominantly U-238, but chemically, U-234/5 and 6 are all the same) every day of your lives. That is the basic science. That is the basic geology of this Planet and the basic Biology of Uranium. The only reason that the lies about DU exist is that Saddam Hussein started what is probably the best propaganda campaign ever known. It is still going and even expanding years after the regime has fallen and he is dead! Now, that is successful propaganda. It thrives on ignorance and arrogance. The people who believe it are ignorant of the basic science and have no interntion of trying to learn it and they are arrogant, insisting that anyone who disagrees is wrong. Prove me wrong, go to your local college and ask about Uranium in the environment. If the professor does not have some sort of political axe to grind, they will tell you the truth. You could learn for yourself on line too – a much better video is this one – skip about 5 minutes in to the question from Gulf War veteran Greg Campbell and the replies – much more information is available in other links from the same page. The entire forum was nearly an hour and a half long. You can also find out about Uranium in 1000 year old ice of Antarctica at or learn about how much uranium is in coal dust being spit out of the smokestacks at the coal fired plants providing Los Angeles and many other cities around the world with electricity there is far more DU (U-238) being emitted here every year than ever were turned to dust in war time.

  11. Hi at Admin(s),
    I dont know if you can do that, but the 7th link of the rapidshare container seems to be broken. Please reup if possible…

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