Critical Documentaries @ CMI Brasil


Languages: Portuguese, Spanisch, English, Esperanto

Content: miscellaneous (mainly  subjects related to Brazil and Latinamerica)

Download type: direct downloads, online movies

Description: The IMC Brazil is a network of independent media producers that tries to offer to the public alternative information and good quality critiques, that contributes with the construction of a free and equality society which respects the enviroment. The IMC Brazil wants to give voice to those who don’t have one, becoming a consistent alternative to the corporate media that frequently distort facts and present interpretations according to the interests of the rich and powerfull ones. The emphasis of the covering is on the social movements, particularly, on the movements of direct action (the “new movements”) and on the politics which they oppose. The structure of the website means that any one can post texts, videos, sounds and images, becoming a democratic and decentralized way of diffusion of information.

Publicity: NO

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