Thirst, Invasion Drop by Drop (2005)

Sed, Invasión Gota a Gota

Poster - sed

Thirst, Invasion Drop by Drop portrays the military of the United States as slowly but steadily increasing its presence in the Triple Frontera (Triple Frontier, the area around the common borders of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil). Named after the Guaraní tribe , The Guarani aquifer is capable of supplying water for the entire population of Planet Earth for 200 years. Those who have recklessly consumed this essential resource and those governments who want to make more profit from owning it now have their eyes on the Guarani aquifer.
The supposed reason for the increasing presence of U.S. troops and joint exercises, mainly with Paraguay, is to monitor the large local population of Arab Descendantes which resides in the area, according the American government. This documentary focuses on the The Guarani aquifer case, one of biggest water repositories of the planet shared within Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay and exposes how rumors of terrorism in this Southern space are used fraudulently as an excuse for these powerful entities to intervene military in order to control these natural resources. The water which brings the Americans to the area, and she fears a subtle takeover before the local governments even realize what is going on. (text taken here)

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  2. Hi, Any subtitles available in English?

    • Hi!
      I searched for them everywhere… BUt I did not find any. I hope there will be some in a near future… If you fond some PLEASE let me know.


  3. What’s the password?

  4. asi que subtitulos en ingles jajaja APRENDAN ESPAÑOL CARACHO!

    CD: [Creo que no voy a necesitar comentar tu contribucion muy intelectual.]

  5. AD: Argento tenias que ser

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