Automobile Society (2005)

Sociedade do Automóvel

POSTER_sociedadedo autmovel

11 million people, almost 6 million cars; one accident each 3 minutes; one dead person each 6 hours; every day 8 people die as victims of pollution.

Instead of the open space, the shopping center; instead of streets, highways instead of the park, o ; instead of voices, motors and horns.

Work to drive, drive to work: buy a car, free yourself from the bad public transports. What is public does not belong to anyone, or belongs to those which do not have money.(text loosely translated from here)

This documentary movie talks about the (missing) mobility reality in the metropolis of São Paulo in Brazil. It lists the vast problems related to the massive use of the car in this town [e.g. more people use the car than public transportation, a unique situation]. Although the film was made in São Paulo, it is representative for the reality in so many other towns of the American continent and of the world.

Watch it online (English version):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Online Versions: google (English), google (Portuguese), google (Spanish)

Download: direct 1 (avi-mpeg4 – 195MB – Portuguese, English subtitles, Spanish subtitles), direct 2 (avi – 195MB- Portuguese), direct 3 (wmv 74MB- Portuguese),

Infos: oficial site,

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