Rette Deine Freiheit (2009)

Save your Freedom

The following short film shows how the German government is expanding its surveillance methods over the population.The dimensions the whole subject has assumed so far is at least scary! Welcome to the German ‘1984’. Germany HAS BECOME a Big Brother State! The right-wing government has been increasing step by step the collection of information about the German population: all internet communication is registered, information about (mobile) phone calls is stored, biometric data are now stored centrally by the state, surveillance cameras are being installed step by step in German towns, etc etc…. Each German citizen is now a potential terrorist, a potential pedophile, a potential corrupt, a potential Che Guevara, and so on….

But where is the problem about this? Ultimately, you just have to be a good consumer and the whole thing is not that bad… Isn’t?

What is happening in German is happening in whole of Europe, in some countries more intense than in other, in some more obviously than in others. But this reality has to change! It is about our freedom to think, to move, to act, to decide, etc… It is about DEMOCRACY!

Well, just watch the movie! I think it is quite well done!

Note: The film is spoken in German, but the authors are working on an English version which should be coming out soon.I will update it here when the time has come.

Download: here (German Version)

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